This is an example of using HTML code. This sentence is in default font. But you can change it by using the font tag like this. This text is now in Comic Sans Serif font. Now I've changed the text to red. Now the font is Comic Sans and Green! This is a very long sentence and I mean long! I'm not putting any line breaks in it so it just word wraps on the right of the screen. So no matter how much I type it just keeps going on and on, wrapping to the next line when it gets to the edge of the screen. You can just keep typing, your web browser decides when to put a new line in. But you can put a line break in yourself just here
and there is your new line. I can put two line breaks in

like this quite easily.

Text can be aligned to the left like this.
To the center like this.

And to the right like this.

How about a hyperlink to another page? Click here to go to the geocaching resource site.

Here is a photo.
And here it is again aligned to the middle of the page.